Meet The Horses

We’ve carefully selected our ambassador horses whom we know will take care of inexperienced riders. Our school horses, and pony ride horses, are sure to make your experience at HHF a very memorable one!


Ex-polo pony Silver loves his new career. It takes him a while to get going, making him the perfect school horse. Silver gives beginners confidence in the saddle, and can take riders up to jumping levels. On horse treks, he’s a very hungry horse who loves stealing sugar cane tops here and there.

Ex-polo pony Silver enjoying his new career


Ex-polo pony Dullgan is absolutely bomb-proof. He’s quite naughty, but we guarantee he takes care of his riders. He’s the best horse to take out on treks, and great with kids too. He’s still learning the ropes of being a school horse, but, we’re confident he’ll get there!

Our handsome boy, Dullgan

CHINA (pronounced Chee-nah)

She is our survivor. Recovered from Laminitis for two years, and came back to be our best school horse yet! She’s gentle, with an easy trot and canter, making her the perfect horse for kids to start with! We don’t take her out on horse treks much, but for a quick pony ride, she’s wonderful!


One of our first horses, she is the best lunge horse in our roster. Phoebe is great with the little ones, and loves pony rides. She also does our trails rides, and is a great horse for feeding and grooming.

Phoebe takes care of the little ones


Our youngest school horse, and Phoebe’s accidental foal, Lassi is still in training, but a great pony to start with on the lunge, or a quick pony ride. She has great potential as a jumper, and is a confident, cheeky pony.

Spunky Lassi


Our cutest little pony in the centre! She’s the favourite for pony rides, and does make a wonderful horse to take out on a walk. But only little kids can ride her! No adults please!

Butterscotch enjoys roaming around the centre grounds

Our privately owned horses are beautiful additions to our family! They are not open to the public to be used, but sometimes students are privileged to ride them in a lesson, or during clinics. Guests can still visit them and admire the natural beauty of the horse!


Award-winning Norman is one of our seniors. He is in the centre for retirement, but absolutely enjoys working. High energy and sensitive to human emotion and movement, he is one of HHF’s sweethearts.

Norman absolutely loves working


Best friends Norman and Morado can often be seen enjoying each other’s company in the paddock. Another senior, Morado has been in the family for over ten years. Already retired, she enjoys leisurely days grazing, receiving hugs and cuddles from her humans, and ensuring she has full control over the whole centre. She is everyone’s absolute love.

Morado is the boss of the centre, here she is inspecting the office


More fondly known as the “Very Hungry Horse”. Bundy is one of the sweetest horses on the property. Half Clydesdale, he stays true to his draft horse nature by being one of the most affectionate of the lot. He is also one of the naughtiest breaking himself, and his friends, out of the stalls at night to go an eat some grass. Catch him out in the paddock and he will go and have a sniff to see if you have treats hiding in your pocket.

Our very hungry horse, Bundy


One of the most recent resident of HHF. He arrived January 2019 and quickly became Antoinette’s favourite. He’s a jumper, and a dressage horse, and an absolute joy to ride!

Extremely handsome Pietro


Privately owned gentle giant Lochart can sniff a treat a mile away. Sent to the centre for retirement, Lochart gets his regular exercise ridden only by the centre owners.

Lochart getting some sun and fresh grass to nibble on


Spunky Polly was suspected to have been cast in the stall one night. We woke up in the morning finding her with a dislocated hip. She’s now retired, and just enjoys the company of the herd, and the guests that come to say hi.

Polly enjoying our sunsets