The People Behind HHF

We cannot do what we do alone! Throughout the year, our instructors, vets, and special guests come to HHF to ensure we are on the right track with our training and our horse care. We not only rely on our house instructor and our head groom, we are continuously learning and growing in our skills.

Antoinette Begre-Lacson

Our local instructor, Antoinette, has been riding for over ten years. Constantly learning, she makes it a point to attend seminars, lessons and other much needed talks in Manila and elsewhere. She teaches the riders on a daily basis, and ensures the welfare and health of all the animals in the centre.

Antoinette taking lessons in Manila Polo Club to improve her riding

Doc Dan Arreola

Doc Dan has been HHF’s vet from the very beginning. A trusted friend and veterinarian, he ensures all our horses receive the best care. Based in Manila, Doc advises the HHF team via phone or Viber, and in emergencies, flies to Bacolod as quickly as he can.

Doc Dan on one of his emergency visits.
Doc Dan teaching HHF kids about equine dental care

Chato Cruz

Chato has been Antoinette’s instructor for many years. She has had many years of experience with horses and with coaching kids and adults alike. One of HHF’s favourites, she builds our riders confidence more and more with each and every visit.

Chato teaching one of HHF’s kids

Xavi Virata

Xavi has been competing in show jumping for fourteen years. He is now an FEI certified instructor, and recently returned from France to enhance his international riding experience. Xavi is amazing with kids, and is fondly known as our “nicest” instructor.

Xavi showing our HHF riders how to jump during our Horse Show 2018

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