Horse Show 2019

The Event

Our Third Annual Horse Show was held last May 11, 2019, and it was the most successful one yet! Though many of our HHF students were out of the country, the turnout of guests was the biggest in three years!

Team HHF

Our gymkhana was a huge hit, as always, with the sack race being a crowd favourite! The horses and riders manoeuvred their way seamlessly, with the horses keeping their calm as the sacks rustled and bounced about.

The more advance riders joined the pole bending, with the winners being Lassi and Nonoy, who were practicing every single day leading up to the Show.

This year we introduced games for the non-riders. First game was on horseback, a costume relay, where we had kids versus adults. HHF students helped the non-riders mount, dismount, and make their way through the short course.

The next non-rider game was a polo-related game. Volunteers mounted their horse heads, and dribbled their polo balls through the obstacle course. Even the littlest budding equestrians got to enjoy this game!

This year, the students were the highlight of the jumping demonstration. Sophia on Silver, Nonoy on Lassi, and Errika on Bundy. This was an emotional moment for HHF as Bundy did his first demonstration since he got sick three years ago, and a first for all three riders.

Lastly, the most awaited portion of the Horse Show, the costume parade! The Little Mermaid, Wonder Woman, The Greatest Showman, and Hercules all came out to wow our audience.

Another big hit this year was the Don Papa and Three Hens Wine booth! Cocktails were served, which made for the perfect pairing with our gorgeous sunset.

We can’t wait to start working on our fourth show, and we can only guarantee it will be bigger and better than this year’s!

Thank you to all our sponsors that made it possible – Nature’s Spring, Don Papa, Three Hens Wine, Bacolod Chicken House, Love Elizabeth, 2Go, Five Gems Print, Havaianas

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