HHF Equestrian Centre

What started out with just two horses, it quickly became a passion. Husband and wife team, Jet and Antoinette, fell in love with horses more than twelve years ago. Antoinette had always loved riding, but only began taking it seriously when the couple moved to Negros Island in 2006.

Passing on the love of horses

Fast forward to today, Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Centre is a haven for all animals. With many of their horses being adopted, they also have other rescued animals from dogs, birds, and even a local water buffalo whom they  affectionately named Bilbo. Don’t forget the two resident goats, Steve and Bugoy, as well as the other lovable animals on the farm.

Loving all animals in all shapes and sizes

Their mission is to spread the equestrian sport in Negros. Keeping their prices one of the lowest in the country, they want as many people as possible to enjoy time with their animals, and foster a love for their feathery, furry babies and the outdoors.

What better way to grow up than around animals and in the outdoors. No gadgets needed!
One of the centre’s rescues, Ben, getting himself into trouble!